Name Amount DIETs MENU Validity
Lite 2500 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-2,Rice-1 LIFETIME
Balance 3000 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-4,Rice-1,side-1 LIFETIME
Foodie 3500 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-6,Rice-1,side-1 LIFETIME
Jumbo 4500 56 Dal-2,Vegetable-2,chapati-8,Rice-1 LIFETIME
Heavy 4000 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-2,chapati-6,Rice-1 LIFETIME
Lite Without Rice 2500 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-4 LIFETIME
Balanced With milk/Lassi 4000 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-4,Rice-1,side-1 LIFETIME
Balanced without Rice 3000 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-6,Side item-1 LIFETIME
Foodie With milk/lassi 4500 56 Dal-1,Vegetable-1,chapati-6,Side item-1,r LIFETIME
Rice only 3000 56 Dal-2,,Rice-2,Raita-1 LIFETIME
Name Amount DIETs MENU Validity
Lite 2500 56 Dal-1, Vegetable-1, Chapati-2, Rice-1, Salad-1 LIFETIME
Balance 3000 56 Dal-1, Vegetable-1, Chapati-4, Rice-1, Salad-1 LIFETIME
Foodie 3600 56 Dal-1, Vegetable-1, Chapati-4, Parantha-1, Rice-1, Salad-1 LIFETIME
Heavy 3400 56 Dai-1, Vegetable-1, Chapati-6, Rice-1, Salad-1 LIFETIME
Balanced Veggie 3600 56 Dal-1. Vegetables-2, Chapati-4, Rice-1, Salad/Side Item-1 LIFETIME
Veggie 4000 56 Dal-1, Vegetable-2, Chapati-6, Rice-1, Side-1 LIFETIME
Jumbo 4800 56 Dal-2,Vegetable-2,chapati-8,Rice-1, Side-1 LIFETIME

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